AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Oct. 5 2022): World title triangle

AEW Dynamite (Oct. 5, 2022) emanated from Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, DC. The 3rd anniversary show featured MJF and Hangman Page in action heating up their world title triangle with Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho teaching Daniel Garcia a lesson as sports entertainers of honor, and much more.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

AEW world title triangle

AEW has a triangle affair steaming over the world championship. Jon Moxley currently stands as the titleholder, Hangman Page is ready to rumble for the belt on October 18, and MJF is looming large with a shot to cash in at his desire. The orbits of all three were intersecting on Dynamite.

MJF was up first in the opener against Moxley’s Blackpool Combat Club cohort in Wheeler Yuta. This was MJF’s first bout in 129 days. Yuta was on fire early, but MJF won the battle in mind games to gain a physical advantage. The pace picked up in the second half when Yuta exploded for four consecutive German suplexes. The two engaged in a frisky package of pinning exchanges as a low-impact style to pop the crowd. Yuta wanted to fly high off the turnbuckles on numerous occasions, however, MJF continually thwarted takeoff with tactics such as rolling out of the ring. Yuta finally had his chance when MJF didn’t roll away far enough. Yuta dove across the ring for a splash.

MJF targeted Yuta’s arm often, and that strategy paid off in the end. The maximum climax began with Yuta hammering elbows. Yuta went for the seatbelt pin, but MJF countered for the Salt of the Earth armbar. As Yuta inched toward the ropes for a break, MJF flipped over the position to crank hard. Yuta tapped out.

After the match, Yuta aggressively offered a handshake of sportsmanship. MJF teased inner conflict whether to accept. Boom! Lee Moriarty sacked Yuta from behind. MJF was not pleased and shouted that Moriarty was not ordered to do that.

Stokely Hathaway handed over the Dynamite Diamond Ring, and MJF reluctantly set up the loaded punch. Before MJF could pull the trigger, William Regal exited commentary with a pair of brass knuckles for an electric showdown. MJF backed away to close the scene.

MJF often talks about not needing to do flips and fancy moves to have good wrestling matches, and this was a great example of that. MJF and Yuta worked a plan that had the crowd hooked. They used taunts, eye pokes, and roll-ups to build drama. The way MJF set up Yuta’s flying splash had the spectators eating out of their hands once Yuta landed the move. MJF took it home in a manner to show he’s a better tactician than the BCC star student. Even though MJF has a world title shot in hand, this win was important to elevate his momentum for the future.

The aftermath has me stymied. I don’t understand why AEW would book a compassionate MJF ready to shake hands with Yuta. That is a babyface move in this particular circumstance. It could be considered an acceptable scenario if AEW planned on turning MJF. However, MJF has had a rude and crude attitude since his return. They have done everything in their power to present MJF as rotten to his core to avoid cheers as best they can. He’s clearly bad guy numero uno. So, why book an angle designed to manipulate emotions into supporting MJF? I don’t get it. Plus, MJF is going to be the bad guy anyway against Moxley or Hangman. That makes the timing of this even more questionable.

PS, Regal’s brass knuckles moment was awesome.

The next side of the triangle saw Hangman Page compete against Rush. Cameras made sure to show MJF scouting this bout backstage in case the cowboy is the next world champ. Physicality popped in this contest. Jose The Assistant pestered Hangman whenever he tried for the Buckshot Lariat. Down the stretch, Jose trifled long enough for Rush to counter for a straitjacket piledriver. Hangman dug deep to kick out.

Rush fired up with theatrics for the Bull’s Horns finisher. That delay allowed Hangman to pop up for a thunderous clothesline. The cowboy seized the moment lickety-split for the Buckshot Lariat before Jose could interfere. Hangman hit the mark for the win.

Whew. That was a rough and tumble fight, like the kind found in bars from cowboy movies. Both men strut with star power on display. This was a quality win to keep Hangman’s momentum strong. His performance prevents any cooling down from being inactive prior to the future world title fight on October 18. Hangman demonstrated that he is in peak form to challenge Moxley, and that should have a positive effect on the anticipation for the bout.

The final side of the triangle took place after Hangman’s success. Private Party had been ordered by Jose to assist in AFO business, otherwise risk a tampering lawsuit with Matt Hardy. Private Party reluctantly surrounded the ring looking to pile on Hangman. Moxley entered through the crowd to protect his current rival. The implication was that he wants Hangman…

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