Ryan Reynolds’ Match Ad Hides an X-Men Reference

Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort has created a new ad for Match.com that pokes fun at 2020, including a certain doomed X-Men film.

Finding laughs amidst the ugliness has been a crucial lifeline for many during 2020’s fast-paced line-up of kidney punches, and Ryan Reynolds‘ quirky marketing firm Maximum Effort has been a weird but reliable source of mirth. With the awareness and sass required to take on, well, everything this year has offered, Reynolds has unveiled a new ad campaign for dating service Match.com. The unholy romantic union of Satan and the perky physical embodiment of 2020 is note perfect parody. And, like an artist leaving his signature on a new painting, Reynolds made sure to sneak in a joke at the X-Men‘s expense.

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Among all the other visual gags and funny twists on classic romantic dialogue, Satan takes his new date to the movies. Due to COVID-19, the theater is just as empty as the football fields and parks where the couple have taken lovely walks together. But to really rub salt into the wound, the film the new lovebirds are enjoying is none other than The New Mutants.

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The New Mutants‘s history is almost as ornately screwed-up as 2020’s ceaseless dumpster fire of events. Originally slated for an early 2018 release, reshoots pushed the film to early 2019 and then late 2019 as the reshoots were delayed and ultimately not completed. After that, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, which held almost all of the X-Men movie rights, adding even more confusion to the pile. Fans wondered whether New Mutants was going to be the X-Men’s formal entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the studios clarified that it was not, and gave The New Mutants another release date: March 2020.

Then the pandemic struck. Of course, coronavirus wreaked havoc for the entertainment industry, and for The New Mutants, it meant being pushed back one last time to August in the hopes that theaters would be open and operating safely enough to entice audiences to see it by then. When it came out, though, the movie hardly made a blip on the radar. Viewers didn’t show up because of COVID-19 restrictions and The New Mutants was reduced to an unfortunate asterisk in the history of Fox’s X-Men franchise.

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New Mutants Movie Poster Art

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