This New Sasha Obama Photo Tearing Through Twitter Is So Stunning

Sasha Obama is a stunning young 19-year-old woman who, without owning a single public social media account, manages to break the internet every time a photo of her pops up. Tonight, her name has been trending on Twitter thanks to a new photo from an unnamed source proving once again that Sasha is thriving in every sense of the word, and has model good looks to boot (see photo here). From her jewelry to her nails to her lashes and that cool, confident look in this latest photo, Sasha is a 19-year-old whose beauty vlog we want to subscribe to. We want the skincare routine, we want a wardrobe tour, and we want it now. (FYI, enterprising Twitter accounts have already identified her lip gloss as Beauty Supply rosehip oil lip gloss.)

All that being said, Sasha’s internet fame comes with risks: namely, haters who can’t see the name Obama without looking for something to criticize. Luckily, an army of Sasha supporters have risen up in the teens defense in recent months, as two TikToks of the former first daughter leaked into the public. For anyone ready to criticize Sasha, there are a number of accounts ready to shut them down — and while we wish she wouldn’t need these protectors at all, it’s been heartwarming to see many Americans’ solidarity to the family years later.

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What’s really so wonderful about these photos (other than every part of Sasha’s flawless look, and how incredibly stylish she’s become) is seeing her look so happy and confident in herself. This gorgeous young woman was the subject of so much public attention for so long, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as she grows into an adult. And while it may not have always been easy, it joyfully hasn’t stopped her from growing into an identity that’s all her own.

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Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama

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Read More:This New Sasha Obama Photo Tearing Through Twitter Is So Stunning