When Quizzed About Possibility of New Album, Justin Timberlake Says: “Let’s Go With

The ‘Palmer’ star appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on Friday, sharing that he has been in the studio recently.

Justin Timberlake has confirmed that a new album is on the horizon.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, the singer, who turns 40 this weekend, was quizzed by the late-night host about whether it is appropriate to say that “a new Justin Timberlake album” in the works, to which the singer replied, “Yeah, we can say that. There’s a possibility.” Timberlake paused and added, “Let’s go with yes.”

He went on to say that he’s been in and out of the studio working on projects. Fallon said that he can’t wait for the new music, and asked how Timberlake can be so “zen” about releasing tracks at the pace he wants to and not being impatient. “I sat on Mirrors for like, four or five years,” said the singer.

“I think I just take my time, maybe that’s my barometer — if I still love them as much when time goes by, hopefully people will after they hear them, when time goes by.”

Among other artists who Timberlake would like to collaborate with, he named Kendrick Lamaar and Travis Scott. “That would be a good mix,” said Fallon.

Timberlake also briefly spoke about his second child with Jessica Biel, a son named Phineas. “Nobody’s sleeping,” he said, “but he’s so cute.”

On the acting side, Timberlake can currently be seen in Palmer on Apple TV+.

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