Stephen Colbert Proves Fox News’ Peter Doocy Really Is That ‘Stupid’

Stephen Colbert began his Late Show monologue Tuesday night by explaining that one of things he “admires” most about President Joe Biden is that he’s a “straight-shooter.”

“After a year of holding his tongue in the face of constant criticism, last night he expressed his true feelings about Fox News White House correspondent and winner of the ‘blandest blond man’ and ‘blondest bland man’ awards, Sir Peter Doocy,” the host said before sharing the now infamous clip of Biden calling Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch.”

Strapping on his aviators, Colbert exclaimed, “That’s right, old Joe is back! I’ve reached peak old man, givin’ zero malarkeys. Peter Doocy is a stupid son of a bitch, cousin Alice’s tuna noodle casserole—wet. And your baby’s got a pointy head, weird little gremlin.’”

From there, Colbert mocked the media for describing the incident as a “hot mic” moment. “Not sure why it’s a ‘hot mic’ when he’s at a press conference in front of a bunch of reporters talking into the same microphone he’s been using the entire time,” he joked.

“For the record, let me put it out there, it’s never appropriate for the president of the United States to have a potty mouth,” he added later. “But it’s especially egregious to call Peter Doocy a son of a bitch. We did some fact-checking, and he’s actually the son of Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy. So, if anything, he’s a son of a deuce. A real ‘deuce-bag,’ if you will.”

“On the other hand, he has tested positive for stupid in the past,” Colbert continued, cutting to a clip of Doocy asking Senator John McCain a similarly inane question in 2017.

In response, McCain asked Doocy, “Why would you say something that stupid? Why would you ask something that dumb?”

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