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Trump failed to mobilise vaccine distribution, says Biden

The White House announced Joe Biden has declared a major disaster in Texas and has asked federal agencies to identify extra resources to help millions hit by a deep freeze in the state.

Millions of Texans lost heat and power this week as the cold snap caused extended outages and many even lost access to drinking water.

At least 69 deaths across the US have been blamed on the blast of unseasonable weather.

It comes as pro-Trump news network Newsmax, which rose to prominence on the back of its false claims about presidential election fraud, attracted scorn after it turned its ire on Mr Biden’s German Shepherd dog Champ.


AOC raises $3.2 million for Texas storm relief

New York congresswoman flew to Houston to volunteer at food bank after stunning fundraising effort for storm hit state.

Graeme Massie20 February 2021 17:54


Fox News host mocked after claiming ‘Bible characters’ will face cancel culture

Fox News host has warned that Bible characters could soon become the next targets of cancel culture – a statement people have since mocked online.

“I tell you, if they start canceling these American presidents, they’re going to come after Bible characters next,” Bill Hemmer said during a Fox News segment about “cancel culture”

“Mark my words, right?” he added.

Danielle Zoellner20 February 2021 16:58


Judge rejects Devin Nunes defamation lawsuit against CNN

A defamation lawsuit U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes brought against CNN was tossed out by a Manhattan judge on Friday.

The lawsuit seeking over $435 million in damages was rejected by U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who said the California Republican failed to request a retraction in a timely fashion or adequately state his claims.

Nunes had alleged the cable news company intentionally published a false news article on Nov. 22, 2019 and engaged in a conspiracy to defame him and damage his personal and professional reputation.

Associated Press20 February 2021 16:24


BREAKING: Biden declares major disaster in Texas

Joe Biden has declared a major disaster in Texas, freeing up the federal government to send additional assistance to the state, which has been hit by a devastating deep freeze that has left millions without power and many without drinking water.

Warmer temperatures are though spreading across the southern US on Saturday, bringing some relief to a winter weary region that faces a challenging clean-up and expensive repairs from the days of extreme cold. In hard-hit Texas the warm-up is expected to last for several days.

Tom Embury-Dennis20 February 2021 16:06


Will voters remember? Cruz trip tests durability of scandal

Ted Cruz s political career already featured many surprise twists before a jaunt to Mexico this week brought him a new level of notoriety.

The Texas senator was once the biggest threat to Donald Trump capturing the 2016 presidential nomination. During a particularly bitter stretch of that year’s Republican primary, Cruz called Trump a “coward” and “pathological liar.” By last month, however, Cruz was one of Trump’s staunchest allies and a leader in the former president’s baseless attempt to overturn the November election.

Such shifts are intended to keep Cruz in a strong position with the GOP base if he runs for the White House again in 2024. But they’ve also turned him into one of Washington’s most villainized figures, someone willing to take any politically convenient position if it keeps his future ambitions alive.

Associated Press20 February 2021 15:46


Democrat Senator Joe Manchin opposes Biden budget pick over her ‘toxic’ tweets

The West Virginia Democrat said in a statement: “Her overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next director of the Office of Management & Budget. For this reason, I cannot support her nomination.”

With the Senate split 50:50, his opposition could sink Ms Tanden’s nomination.

Oliver O’Connell20 February 2021 15:24


Biden’s 1st month was about erasing the mark of ‘former guy’

Joe Biden is a month into his presidency and at least one pattern is clear. He doesn’t want to talk about the “the former guy.”

That guy is Donald Trump But if Biden is reluctant to say Trump’s name too much, a lot of what he has been doing has been in direct contrast to his predecessor’s legacy.

On policy, symbolism and style, from the Earth’s climate to what’s not on his desk (Trump’s button to summon a Diet Coke), Biden has been purging Trumpism however he can in an opening stretch that is wholly unlike the turmoil and trouble of his predecessor’s first month.

Associated Press20 February 2021 15:04


Damages from winter storm in Texas could approach $50 billion

The cost of the devastating winter storm in Texas could…

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