Biden’s Cabinet a welcome change | Letters to the Editor

Marco Rubio, our senator, has taken issue with Joe Biden’s selection for top intelligence and Cabinet positions. He assailed Biden’s choices in a recent tweet because they are “Ivy League educated, have strong résumés, attended the right conferences, and will be polite caretakers of America’s decline.”

In Rubio’s mind, it seems we don’t need smart, intelligent federal government leaders if they come from Ivy League schools. Ivy League schools accept only the most brilliant of scholars. Their students are well rounded and graduate after a very competitive education. These schools are considered the most sought-after higher learning institutions in the country and worldwide. Why wouldn’t we want the smartest to lead us?

Rubio seems to be concerned that these Cabinet appointees have strong résumés and experience. All of them have served in government before and know other world leaders. I guess Rubio thinks experience is overrated, but most of the world has applauded Biden’s choices. After four long years, we will have diplomats and intelligence department leaders who know what they are doing. Instead of having a Secretary of State who ran an energy company, we now have a leader who has diplomacy experience.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar took issue with Rubio when she pointed out “Rubio is criticizing these professionals for being qualified, educated and well-connected in their fields. It is a rejection of experience and expertise that permeated the Republican Party even before President Trump.”

Under Trump, Republicans have rejected science. They have torn things down like education and facts. Appointments were made with limited, if any, vetting. Loyalty to Trump was the cornerstone of our federal government. Rubio may have taken a cheap shot at Biden’s choices, but the rest of the world, who refuse to worship at Trump’s feet, welcomes the change.

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