Guinea Bissau coup attempt: President Umaro Cissoko Embaló say many pipo die

Umaro Sissoco Embaló for Lisbon, Portugal, 8 October 2020

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Dem elect Umaro Sissoco Embaló, former army chief, president for 2019

Di president of Guinea-Bissau say im survive one coup attempt afta im dey under heavy gunfire for five hours.

For media address wey im give, Umaro Cissoko Embaló say di attackers try to kill am and im whole cabinet for goment palace.

E also say wetin happun no be just coup.

“E no be just coup,” im tok. “Na attempt to kill di president, di prime minister and di whole cabinet.”

E say many pipo die on both side for di fighting.

Local tori pipo report at least six deaths – four attackers and two security pipo.

Di attackers dey linked to drug trafficking for di kontri im tok, but no give any oda informate.

Gunfire bin sound near goment buildings on Tuesday wia di president dey attend cabinet meeting.

One security source, wey no gree identify im sef, tell BBC say di gunmen wey bin wear civilian clothes open fire. Some of di first reports also say dem capture di cabinet members.

But President Embaló say di attackers bin fail to break enta di cabinet meeting.

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Armed sojas bin dey patrol di streets of di city

“Wetin I fit guarantee be say di situation dey under control,” im tok.

Guinea-Bissau, get population of less dan two million people, and na one of the poorest kontris for world.

Di kontri wey be former Portuguese colony don see nine coups or attempted coups since 1980.

E dey struggle wit plenty foreign debt and dia economy depend heavily on foreign aid.

Guinea Bissau don also become one transit point for Latin American drugs, wey make am get di nickname Africa first narco-state.

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Sojas dey patrol di goment palace area

Oga Embaló say di attackers no get any connection wit di state, dem be isolated group, and dem get link wit drugs for di kontri.

“Wen dem elect me president of di republic, I promise to (fight) two tins: corruption and drug trafficking.

And dis also get connection to dat, and I know wetin di price go be, but di fight continues,” im tok.

West African regional leaders describe di incident as coup attempt and ask di sojas to return to barracks.

Oga Embaló, wey be former army chief, win di December 2019 presidential election – but im face last-minute show-down wit parliament before e take office di following February.

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