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MILFORD – A absolute sign that summer is upon us, the Milford Drive-in is opening this weekend airing four movies on two screens.

Screen one is showing “Godzilla vs. Kong,” and “The Little Things,” (listen to 89.9 FM on your car stereo), while screen two is showing, “Tom & Jerry: The Movie,” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” (91.1 FM). The cost is $30 per carload of up to six persons. Movies begin airing at dusk.

Owner Barry Scharmette said that the drive-in theater is taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions.

“We still want people to wear masks when they’re interacting at the box office or at the concession stand and bathrooms,” he said. “What we’ve also done this year, as a matter of fact, it’s almost done, is that we’ve gone to single spaces versus double spaces and the whole yard is space 11 feet between cars.”

The yard for screen one is three-quarters done; Scharmette said that within two weeks, the whole yard will be completed.

“Everybody will have their own space,” he added.

Last year, the Milford drive-in showed direct-to-theater concerts by the likes Garth Brooks and Metallica. This year promises the same.

“Our first was is supposedly scheduled for May 22,” Scharmette said. “I’m also trying to do some live events but I’m not sure yet.” The concert event for May 22 will be announced on April 26.

Scharmette said it is “a huge act.” And with the drive-in open to full capacity, he called that news, “fantastic.”

“We’re still going to go with an order window and a pick-up window at the concession stand,” he said. “We’re also going to keep people outside because we feel that it’s safer. Last year, we did the same thing throughout the season, and we never had one issue with COVID.”

Keeping the employees safe, as well as the public, is of the utmost importance, Scharmette said.

The Milford drive-in is located at 531 Elm Street and is the only remaining drive-in theater in southern New Hampshire. For more information, call (603) 673-4090 or visit

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