‘Reels’ &  YouTube Promotions Trend in Telangana Politics

BRS working president KTR is leaving no stone unturned to aggressively promote as the general elections are fast approaching. Interestingly, BRS has opted for innovative promotions, a la film promotions. Reels, interviews with social media influencers have become the talking point. The reels are coming up with catchy one-liners and punch lines catering to young audiences. These are funny as well as hitting the right chords, opine analysts.

BRS seems to have hired several digital influencers and targeted platforms like Instagram and YouTube. KTR came on Gangavva’s My Village Show and even cooked ‘Country Chicken’ curry (Natukodi Chicken curry). He spoke on politics too. Interestingly, KTR also made his debut on a radio talk show and reached out to the listeners of the FM channel (both Telugu and Hindi).

As social media and digital platforms play a prominent role, KTR and BRS have opted for a unique promotional strategy to reach out to the young population. Telangana has many first-time voters and KTR is eyeing them besides the conventional and traditional voters. BRS and KTR are only chanting the development mantra. Social media users are amused seeing political promotions. As they turned out to be interesting, many young voters are widely sharing them. 

This post was last modified on 7 November 2023 12:37 am

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