Mysterious ‘explosion’ from meteor rattles upstate New York

A mysterious “explosion” rocked large swaths of Upstate New York on Wednesday, shaking homes, rattling windows — and confusing a lot of people.

Residents across Central New York called 911 beginning at around noon to report hearing — and feeling — the large boom.

“Just felt an explosion that rattled our entire house in Syracuse. I hope everyone is safe,” former congressional candidate Roger Misso wrote on Twitter.

Another person asked: “Anyone else in Syracuse just hear a big boom and feel their house shake…”

“Welp. Who had aliens taking over in December? #syracuse #boom,” one user quipped.

Tremors were felt from Onondaga County all the way to Oswego County 40 miles away and beyond in Madison and Oneida counties, reported.

Turns out, the rumble was likely caused by a meteor ripping through the Earth’s atmosphere,  Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society told the outlet.

Witnesses in the Empire State — and in Maryland and even Canada — reported seeing a fireball shoot across the sky, Lunsford said.

Video taken by a camera atop Toronto’s CN Tower showed a bright flash over Niagara, science writer Scott Sutherland shared on Twitter.

Indeed, many on social media said they’d suspected the massive shake was caused by a sonic boom.

“It was so loud and shook my whole house, after checking for a tree on my roof, my next thought was #meteorite,” one person wrote.

Lunsford said it’s uncommon to be able to spot meteors in daylight, adding that most of the space rocks burn up while they’re higher up in the atmosphere.

It was unclear whether Wednesday’s suspected space rock made impact.

“This must be a big one,” Lunsford said.

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