Eagles vs. Giants: 25 winners, 4 losers, 3 IDKs from the Divisional Round victory

The Eagles are going back to the NFC Championship Game after beating the Giants! First time they’ve ever gone 3-0 against an opponent in one season. Time to hand out some winners, losers, and IDKs.


The (relatively) sluggish finish to the regular season had some wondering just how good this team is entering the playoffs.

The Eagles left no doubt on Saturday night. With Jalen Hurts and Lane Johnson able to be effective, this is the best team in the NFL.

They can absolutely win the Super Bowl.


The biggest question entering this game: just how healthy is Hurts’ shoulder?

When asked about it, Philly’s star quarterback keeps saying “good enough.” But perhaps he’s underselling his health considering he started this game by completing his first seven pass attempts for 89 yards, two touchdowns, and a 158.3 passer rating to give the Birds a 14 to 0 lead.

Hurts was also able to handle six designed QB runs. His nine total rushing attempts went for 34 yards and one score.

Hurts is seemingly still playing through pain. Leading up to the Divisional Round game, he told Pam Oliver that he is “nowhere near 100%.”

And yet it’s difficult to tell that’s the case since he looks pretty good out there.

Hurts was not perfect, to be clear. Based on my angle from the press box, I thought he underthrew DeVonta for what could’ve been a touchdown instead of just a 40-yard gain. He overthrew A.J. Brown in the end zone later in the game.

Ultimately, though, he played well and never really put the ball in harm’s way.

As someone who was skeptical about Hurts’ passing ability entering this season, I’ve reached a point where I unequivocally trust him. It’s not dissimilar to the feeling I reached with Nick Foles back during his Super Bowl run.

Hurts is in command. You can trust him to deliver.


Many used the term “warrior” to describe Johnson’s valiant effort to play the entire game* through a painful groin injury. It’s well-deserved praise.

Merely making it through the night was an accomplishment. To play at a very high level on top of that? Incredible. Johnson did have two penalties but he allowed zero pressures. That was huge.

And perhaps this showing indicates he’ll continue to be able to play well through pain for what is hopefully two more games.

*Johnson was able to rest for three garbage time snaps towards the end of the fourth quarter.


I wanted to single out Johnson given his unique situation but, really, all five starters up front deserve a lot of credit.

They mashed the Giants on the ground.

Jason Kelce destroyed a dude with one arm:

Jeff Stoutland’s unit shut down AP All-Pro second-team interior defender Dexter Lawrence:

The Eagles won Super Bowl LII in no small part due to having an elite offensive line. This unit is more than capable of leading them to another Vince Lombardi Trophy.


17.5 sacks in 18 games this season. Dude’s a beast.

Pro Football Focus credited Reddick with seven pressures on 24 pass rushing snaps.

The Giants had 19 different players who took defensive snaps in this game. They all combined for seven pressures.


Reddick was an elite free agent signing. He plays a premium position and puts up premium production despite not even ranking top 15 among annual edge rusher contract value.

He’s probably only going to continue to be a terror for opposing quarterback(s) in the playoffs.


The head coach clearly had his team ready to play.

The offense was humming.

No big game management issues, though one could quibble about taking a delay of game from the Giants’ 38-yard line to punt instead of going for it on 4th-and-8.

The biggest criticism levied at Sirianni in this game came from non-Eagles fans. Not everyone seemed to love him looking into the camera and nodding after a touchdown. Or how he told an official how he “knows what the f***” he is doing.

To outsiders learning more about Sirianni now that he’s on a bigger national stage, he may be insufferable. But that only makes him more endearing in Philly.

Very fun to see…

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