Jon Robinson: Ryan Tannehill’s our quarterback, don’t know how many times I have to

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans

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A divisional round loss to the Bengals brought an end to the Titans season and Ryan Tannehill‘s three interceptions in that loss led some to wonder if the team might consider other options at the position.

General Manager Jon Robinson said after the loss that “a micro-evaluation over one game is not fair to any player” while saying the team would continue to roll with Tannehill. Chatter about the possibility of an Aaron Rodgers pursuit surfaced this week, but Robinson reiterated that support during an interview with Ben Arthur of the Tennessean.

Robinson did note that interceptions were “a problem” for the quarterback as he threw 14 of them after having 13 over the previous two seasons, but they aren’t a big enough problem that Robinson has any doubt about Tannehill for the future, however.

“Ryan’s a pro,” Robinson said. “He knows how much he means to us. Traded for that guy. Gave him an opportunity to start. New contract. I think it’s pretty apparent where he stands with us. He’s our quarterback. I don’t know how many more times I gotta say it.”

The new contract Robinson references pays Tannehill a guaranteed salary of $29 million next season and the cap hit involved with moving Tannehill would make it difficult for the Titans to seriously consider other quarterback options heading into next season. While some names might be worth the effort, Robinson’s doing his best to quiet any suggestion of a change coming in Nashville.

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