Trump doubles down on false claim he ‘won two’ elections and calls US ‘third world

Donald Trump says he is “2 and 0” in election wins and calls the US “like a third world country” as he continues to challenge the results of the presidential election. 

While presenting wrestler Dan Gable with the Medal of Freedom at the White House, Mr Trump compared their records – bragging that he hasn’t had any defeats of his own.

“He won 117 consecutive matches and lost only one, well you know in politics I won two, so I’m 2 and 0, and that’s pretty good too, but we’ll see how that turns out,” he said as the audience laughed.

Speaking to reporters after the event, Mr Trump the case had already been made to the American people that the election was not fair, repeating his claims that Dominion Voting Systems and late ballots cast in favour of Joe Biden were like what is seen in “third world” countries.

“It was a rigged election, if you look at the different states the election was totally rigged, it’s a disgrace to our country, it’s like a third world country these ballots pouring in from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows ownership, nobody knows anything about, they have glitches as they call them, glitches, the glitches who aren’t glitches,” he said.  

Trump says US is like ‘third-world country’ as he repeats false election fraud claim

“They got caught sending out thousands of votes. All against me by the way. This was like from a third world nation and I think the case has been made and now we find out what we can do about it.”

Mr Trump said “a lot of big things” would be happening over the next couple of days even as his campaign’s time to mount legal challenges to the results of the election and lead lawyer Rudy Giuliani was admitted to hospital with Covid-19.

Those attempts have so far failed to successfully change results in any of the swing states that were called for Mr Biden as judges in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania dismissed multiple cases.

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