Big Team Battle fixes are finally coming to Halo Infinite

Once again, 343 Industries is telling us that Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle will be fixed next week. The “update” to the 12-person-per-side game mode was previously released back in early January but didn’t actually fix anything. Now, almost two months since the game mode broke, a blog post on Halo Waypoint has stated we can expect a new update on February 3rd at the earliest.

Supposedly, the studio has run successful playtests the past few days and will submit the patch to certification on Monday. Therefore, the fix should hit that February 3rd date barring any intervention from Microsoft’s certification team.

Additionally, 343 has also further outlined the plans for Halo Infinite’s shop going forward. Early this week, they released individual items in the store for the first time and have said they “have been paying attention to the feedback covering everything from the presentation of items to specific pricing.” They have also concluded that they “were not delivering on value, quality, or price” previously.

Thankfully, 343 has been very open to changing the game and its store’s offerings to provide players with the experience they want. In terms of what’s next, players are hopeful that all the progress made in the last week can be the catalyst for continuous improvement in the future.

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