Black Friday gaming deals LIVE for Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X


miles morales

(Image credit: Sony)

Spiderman Miles Morales came out two years ago and still holds up as one of the most enjoyable games you can get on a PS5

These discounts on the fantastic game are a great start for those looking to expand their PlayStation library. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself and haven’t been able to find the great Black Friday PS5 deals you want. 

Either way, Spiderman Miles Morales is going for $19.99 (opens in new tab) at Target and £22.99 (opens in new tab) over at Argos. This is a great deal on a game that is usually priced at eyewatering heights. 

Nintendo Switch kaputt

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The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console at home or on the go, but do you ever feel nervous about venturing into the unknown with it by your side? 

I have to admit that I’m yet to get a case for my Nintendo Switch Lite, and it’s been weighing on my mind; how far am I willing to push my luck? 

This bad habit may change thanks to the great Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals. It may be the best time to secure a trustworthy Switch Case. 

In the US, the sturdy RDS Industries 12″ Hard Case is currently on discount for $29.99 (opens in new tab) at Best Buy. The UK also has some cool deals with a fantastic Pokemon case priced at £12.99 (opens in new tab) at Amazon.  

Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 holding a lasso

(Image credit: Rockstar games)

Who doesn’t love a good cowboy game? Thankfully it just got easier to buy the much-loved Red Dead Redemption 2, as Black Friday has given us some stellar deals. 

Over at Target, the game is currently priced at $19.99 (a $40 discount). While the UK also has some great prices, with the game sitting at £13 (opens in new tab) on Amazon. It’s the dream for any rootin’ and tootin’ cowboy fans out there. 

Best Xbox One headsets 2021

(Image credit: Future)

The Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) is a seriously good console, but there’s no reason you can’t make your experience better. When it comes to accessories, headsets are a definite game-changer. 

You may not think about it, but audio is crucial to getting immersed in a great story-driven single-player game. Or it can be the key to multiplayer games, where accuracy and clarity down a mic are necessary when pushing the point or coordinating attacks with your mates. 

Thankfully this Black Friday (opens in new tab), we’re seeing great deals on some of our best Xbox Series X headsets. From the ESPOS H3 headset, currently at $87.48 (opens in new tab) at GameStop, to the SteelSeries Arctis 9X on Amazon for £109.99 (opens in new tab).

Mortal Kombat X

(Image credit: NetherRealm)

If you love Mortal Kombat and arcade games, then this deal is perfect for you. Smyths have put its Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Midway Legacy Edition Machine on offer, priced at £319.99 (opens in new tab)

There’s also some great prices on Mortal Combat games. Over at Amazon, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (PS5) is currently 46%, sitting at a clean £13.47.  

A multi-colored controller on white background

(Image credit: Amazon)

There have been some terrific Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, but what about Switch accessories? Thankfully these amazing controllers have come in clutch. 

If you’ve been looking for a different way to enhance your Switch gaming experience, check out discounts on PowerA Enhanced Wired Controllers on Amazon for as little as $17.99 (opens in new tab).  

White Xbox Series S console, with a white Xbox Series controller in front of it

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Hello all! It’s Elie Gould here, TRG’s features writer and I’ll be taking over the live blog, lining up the best and wackiest deals right now. 

Speaking of wacky, the Xbox Series S has got something interesting up its sleeve this Black Friday. While we’ve seen some great deals in the US with it on offer for $249.99 (opens in new tab) at Best Buy. UK buyers have something of a special offer on hand. 

Over at GAME, the console is currently on offer for £199.99 (opens in new tab) in a bundle, along with a £10 GAME gift card and… an England bucket hat, just in time for the World Cup. I don’t know about you, but for me, a bucket hat is an essential bit of gaming gear.

Sonic Frontiers key visual art

(Image credit: Sega)

Sonic Frontiers hasn’t even been out a month, but it’s already seeing some massive discounts over at Amazon. In the US, fans can grab the PS5 version of the game for just $35 (opens in new tab), a huge 42% saving. Meanwhile, UK buyers can still snap up the game on Xbox Series X|S for £29.99 (opens in new tab), and on Nintendo Switch for £32.95 (opens in new tab).

Turtle Beach gaming headset deal

(Image credit: N/A)

Two of Turtle Beach’s best gaming headsets are still on sale, in the UK, over at Amazon. The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 is down to just £64.99 (opens in new tab) from its usual retail price of £89.99.

Meanwhile, the higher-end Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max headset is down to just £119.99 (opens in new tab), whereas it usually…

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