Blade Runner Origins Trailer Takes Us 10 Years Before the Film

Titan Comics released a new trailer and preview pages for Blade Runner: Origins #1 which sets up the events of the original Blade Runner film.

Titan Comics released an official trailer and preview pages from the debut issue of Blade Runner: Origins.

The series takes place in the year 2009, a full decade before the events of the original Blade Runner film. LAPD detective Cal Moreaux is assigned to the apparent suicide of one of the Tyrell Corporation’s top scientists. While conducting his investigation, Moreaux finds several documents hinting at the construction of a new breed of Replicant — and a dark secret within the heart of Tyrell. Mike Johnson, who wrote Blade Runner 2019 and its currently ongoing sequel series Blade Runner 2029, is joined by K. Perkins (Supergirl) and Mellow Brown as co-writers for Blade Runner: Origins. Fernando Dagnino (Suicide Squad) will provide art for the series.

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The preview pages for Blade Runner: Origins #1 feature Moreaux and his fellow officers encountering two Replicants, which leads to a bloody outcome. Another page features a look at Los Angeles 2009; though the structure features a futuristic bent, it is a far cry from the towering skyscrapers and flying cars associated with the Blade Runner universe. Blade Runner: Origins #1 will also feature variant covers by artists including Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau and Peach Momoko.

A senior bioengineer for the Tyrell Corp is found hanging in her sealed laboratory, the victim of an apparent suicide. LAPD Detective Cal Moreaux — a war-scarred veteran of the bloody Off-world conflict known as Kalanthia, as depicted in the “Blackout 2022” Blade Runner anime — is sent to write it up, quickly, quietly and with the minimum of fuss. But something doesn’t sit right with the detective, and it soon becomes apparent that this is anything but a “normal” suicide. Did the scientist’s ground-breaking research on Nexus-model Replicants somehow contribute to her death? And is the apparent disappearance of a prototype Nexus unit also connected to the case? Det. Moreaux’s investigation will draw him into a dark conspiracy behind Dr. Tyrell’s Replicant empire.

Blade Runner Origins #1, by Mike Johnson, K. Perkins and Mellow Brown, goes on sale Feb. 24, 2021, from Titan Comics.

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