CES 2022 live blog: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, LG OLED evo TVs, smart contact lenses and


Lifestyle shot of the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300 router on a table in front of a sliding glass door in a modern home.

(Image credit: Netgear)

You can’t underestimate the importance of good Wi-Fi. It’s more important to me than anything except my kids, and that’s a close-run thing (joking).

One of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers we tested last year was the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 — but with a price of $599, it was also one of the most expensive. Give thanks, then, for the new Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300, announced at CES 2022 yesterday and offering nearly the same specifications as its big brother but at a more affordable $399.

Interested? You should be — and you can find out how Netgear’s new Nighthawk RAXE300 router makes Wi-Fi 6E speed more affordable here.

Masonite M-Pwr smart door

(Image credit: Masonite)

Many people now have some kind of smart door setup, whether a video doorbell, smart lock or sensor. But for an all-in-one solution, look no further than the  Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door.

It promises to be the best-connected front door yet, with sensors, lights, a Ring Video Doorbell and a Yale smart lock all included at launch. Plus, it has a built-in power system that’s wired to your home’s electricity — so there’s no risk of your smart lock’s battery dying. There’s even a backup battery for if your power goes out.

We don’t yet know when it will be available or how much it will cost, but for a truly smart home setup it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Sengled Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV Light Strips

(Image credit: Sengled)

Speaking of TVs, here’s a new smart home gadget that could improve your viewing experience. 

The Sengled Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV Light Strips sync with your TV to match the colors of what’s on the screen, whether that’s a video being streamed from Netflix or a console game. What’s more, different sections of the light strip will match different parts of the TV image, for an overall effect that’s not a million miles away from Philips’ Ambilight TVs. 

They’ll be available in the second quarter of 2022 and will cost $120 — which sounds pretty reasonable to me.


(Image credit: Future)

But the LG 2022 TV we’re most interested in would be the LG C2 OLED TV — AKA the smallest OLED TV ever.

As well as being available in the more standard 83-, 77-, 65- and 55- and 48-inch configurations, there’s also now a 42-inch version. First teased during last year’s CES but pushed back for reasons unknown, it will get most of premium features found in larger models, including HDMI 2.1 ports, 120 Hz refresh rate and LG’s latest Alpha 9 Gen 5 Processor 4K.

We don’t yet know how much it will cost, but last year’s 48-inch C1 OLED TV was priced at $1,200 — so it’s possible the new 42-incher could come in below $1,000. Great news if so.

LG 2022 TV OLED Evo G

(Image credit: LG)

Morning everyone, Marc here in the U.K. starting the Tom’s Guide CES live blog for the day and rounding up any news that trickled out late last night.

Let’s start with TVs — because they’re always a big part of CES. On Sunday, Samsung revealed its 2022 TV lineup and yesterday it was the turn of LG to showcase its new sets.

We’ve got a full guide to all the TVs LG revealed at CES, but a couple of models stand out right away. One of those is the LG OLED evo G2, the follow-up to the LG OLED G1, which was one of the best TVs we tested last year. 

The new version has dedicated heat-dissipation technology that should let the panels get brighter without causing burn-in, and will come in 97-, 83-, 77-, 65- and 55-inch configurations.

Samsung galaxy s21 fe review

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The phone news keeps coming out of CES, with Samsung taking the wraps off the Galaxy S21 FE. This is a lower-cost version of the Galaxy S21 flagship with a few noticeable trade-offs — the FE has less RAM and a lower-resolution telephoto lens than the S21. Also, while the Galaxy S21 FE has a 120Hz refresh rate, it’s not adaptive like it is on the other Galaxy S21 models.

For all that you save $100 off the cost of the standard S21. The Galaxy S21 FE costs $699 and goes on sale next week.

We’ve spent some time with the new phone and can share our impressions in this Galaxy S21 FE hands-on.

OnePlus 10 Pro

(Image credit: OnePlus)

CES may not be the biggest launchpad for phones, but try telling that to OnePlus. The Chinese phone maker is using CES 2022 to introduce us to its latest flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro.

We got our first official look at the OnePlus 10 Pro this evening, and while there’s a certain similarity to past OnePlus flagships, we’d note the camera array is pretty distinctive on this year’s phone. The Hasselblad branding is back on the camera array, too, so OnePlus’ partnership with the Swedish lens specialist is still in effect. That’s good because the OnePlus-Hasselblad team-up led to a vastly improved camera in the OnePlus 9 series.

We’ve also gotten our first hint as to where the OnePlus 10 Pro will ship first. It’s arriving in China on January 11. No word on other markets, but we’re hopeful that a U.S. launch is…

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