Fans Think a Kingdom Hearts Hotel Room Might Be Important to the Series’ Plot

Fans think that an item found inside a Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room in Tokyo may be important to the future of the series’ plot.

Last year, Tokyo Disney announced that it was bringing to life a Kingdom Hearts-inspired hotel room in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. As summed up by resetEra user Desma, fans now believe that the room might hold a secret toward the franchise’s future.

Disney originally advertised that the room would include a secret item for fans when announcing the Kingdom Hearts stay last year. Among a number of other themed decorations, the room includes a treasure chest that fans can open during their trip. Now, thanks to Kingdom Hearts fan and Twitter user aitaikimochi, the community has finally found out what’s inside.

While aitaikimochi wasn’t able to photograph the contents of the chest, due to images of the item existing under embargo until April 28, they were able to give a description of what they saw. According to the fan, the chest contains a copy of the games’ Oathkeeper keyblade – though with a number of distinct differences.

As stated in the tweet below, the keyblade is somewhat similar in size to the Oblivion key used to enter the hotel room (as pictured). Unlike more familiar depictions of Oathkeeper, however, the charm depicted on the keyblade is supposedly blue on both sides – a change that moves away from its typical blue and yellow design. Not only that, but aitaikimochi also stated that the center of the charm contains a gold circle on it and that this version of Oathkeeper doesn’t have Sora’s face etched onto it.

Those changes have led fan replying to aitaikimochi’s thread with a number of different theories, suggesting their own thoughts on what the modified keyblade could mean.

From one fan suggesting that the keyblade could signify a new evolution of Oathkeeper (similar to the upgradeable keys in Kingdom Hearts Union), to others speculating that the blade’s all-blue charm might hint at a Kaira and Aqua-based game, it’s certainly got people talking.

Kingdom Hearts has a famously in-depth plot, filled out across the 3 mainline games and many, many spin-offs, so it’s not incredibly surprising that it might be hiding hints in somewhere more unusual. Following Kingdom Hearts 3, creator Tetsuya Nomura said he’d like to tell a new story and “drastically” change the game’s world – he probably didn’t mean ‘by turning it into a hotel room ARG’, but this could be a hint of his next in-game move.

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