Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro new updates, bugs, issues, problems tracker

The Pixel 6 lineup is one of the most exciting and powerful Google has had to offer in recent years. Unlike the previous generation of Pixel devices, this year’s devices are powered by an in-house developed SoC known as Tensor.

While it is still unclear which components come from Google itself, the new Titan M2 security chip and the TPU for AI operations are definitely designed by the tech giant.

This is accompanied by a fresh visual design that makes the Pixel devices more attractive. The Pixel 6 features a 6.4-inch 90Hz display whereas its bigger cousin, the Pixel 6 Pro sports a 6.7-inch 120Hz display that is sure to turn heads.

Pixel 6 Pro

According to Google, the in-house developed Tensor SoC is 80% faster compared to the CPU on the Pixel 5 whereas the GPU will provide a whopping 370% increase in performance.

The addition of the in-house SoC also means that Google can optimize the CPU better just like Apple did on the iPhone. Also, it looks like Google is trying to distinguish the Pixel 6 Pro from the Pixel 6, with the former no longer just a larger screen variant of the Pixel 6.

Apart from the price difference, the Pixel 6 Pro sports more RAM and an additional 48MP telephoto lens. Moreover, the Pixel 6 Pro storage options go up to 512GB compared to the Pixel 6’s 256GB.


The Mountain-View-based tech giant also made it clear that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro won’t be coming to India because of ‘global demand supply issues.’

We want to remind you that neither the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 5 made it to the Indian smartphone market either. Google recently started pre-orders for the device on the Google Store, which was plagued by a number of issues ranging from shipping time delays to the Store crashing altogether.

Many also said that they were unable to make the purchase even though they had the device in their cart.


Pixel 6 series software updates


The Pixel 6 series will ship with Android 12 out of the box. With all that in mind, we will be tracking all the software updates, including security patches and bug fixes, coming to the Pixel 6 series in this section.

Info. last updated on Version Region / Download Changelog / User reports
Oct. 27 SD1A.210817.036 Global Released
Nov. 02 SD1A.210817.036 Global Released
Nov. 04 Android 12L Developer Preview Global Coming soon
Nov. 17 SD1A.210817.037.A1 Verizon Released 1, 2
Nov. 17 SD1A.210817.037 Global Released
Info. last updated on Version Region / Download Changelog / User reports
Dec. 14 SQ1D.211205.016.A1 Canada Released
Dec. 14 SQ1D.211205.016.A4 UK Released


Bugs, issues, and problems


Like every Pixel series smartphone, this year’s lineup might also have some software or hardware issues. We will be keeping an eye out for bugs and issues with the Pixel 6 lineup and regularly updating this tracker so you don’t have to.

Info. last updated on Bug description Status
Dec. 08 Inconsistent and slow Fingerprint scanner Update released
Oct. 29 Nova Launcher keeps crashing Workaround
Oct. 30 Google Assistant voice typing option greyed out on Gboard app Workaround
Oct. 30 Pixel Buds A-Series promo code not working error Workaround
December 14 Noisy viewfinder while using cameras Fixed
Info. last updated on Bug description Status
Nov. 8 Messing with Pixel 6 animations can cause Always On Display issues Workaround
Nov. 8 Pixel 6 screen automatically turning on Workaround
Dec. 3 Pixel 6 Wi-Fi constantly turning off Fix allegedly upcoming
Nov. 9 Chrome won’t update Workaround
Dec. 04 Can’t open battery settings Workarounds (1, 2)
Info. last updated on Bug description Status
November 01 Telegram app stuck at 60Hz Workaround
November 02 Pixel 6 Pro ‘display residual light’ flickering issue Fix coming in December update
November 03 Missing ‘Quick Phrases’ option in Google Assistant Workaround
November 03 Missing ‘Vibrate mode’ icon in status bar Unacknowledged
December 10 Bluetooth audio playback occasionally pausing on YouTube, Spotify & other apps Fixed
Info. last updated on Bug description Status
November 05 Android Auto doesn’t appear on App launcher Expected behavior
November 06 Accidentally calling random contacts Fixed
December 10 Unlocked Verizon Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 units not getting OTA update Fixed
November 08 Constantly PIN required or ‘Device was locked manually’ notification Unacknowledged
November 12 Missing 2FA sign-in prompts on Pixel devices Workarounds
Info. last updated on Bug description Status
December 10 Cannot turn off Game Dashboard toggle Fixed
November 09 Some Google Pixel 6 units can be unlocked with other people’s fingerprints Comes to light
November 10 Fingerprint enrollment failure issue Assigned for investigation
November 09 No quick mute option on screen when pressing volume keys Comes to light
November 11 Missing face unlock feature May come soon
Info. last updated…

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