Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Allegedly in Trouble on PS5, PS4

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It’s been well over a year since we last heard word of Harry Potter-themed open world RPG Hogwarts Legacy, but developer Avalanche Software had promised updates in 2022. That information could end up being a delay, as word has it the title has been stupefied behind-the-scenes. Ex-IGN scribe and Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty revealed on his latest PlayStation podcast that the “game isn’t coming out this year” and “it’s in some sort of trouble”.

Moriarty is obviously well-connected, but it’s always worth treating rumours like this with an ounce of scepticism. Nevertheless, it’s not the hardest story to believe: the long-awaited title was originally slated to release in 2021, before it disappeared for the entire year. As mentioned above, the developer did promise to remove the release’s invisibility cloak over the coming months, but even if it is ready to show a little more, that doesn’t necessarily dispel this report.

Sony published a list of upcoming 2022 titles overnight, with Hogwarts Legacy being a notable omission. It’d be a shame if this project got stuck in development hell, because we’ve been waiting for a full-scale Harry Potter RPG for practically our entire adult lives, and this seemed like a dream game when it was first revealed. Here’s hoping either the speculation is inaccurate, or Avalanche Software can steady its Nimbus broom soon.

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