Microsoft now asks why you quit OneDrive on Windows 11

What you need to know

  • OneDrive on Windows 11 will now show a prompt and make you answer questions when you attempt to close the application.
  • The new behavior was spotted recently and only appears on some PCs.
  • Microsoft has a long history of placing advertisements, polls, and prompts into its operating systems.

Update 11 November at 7 AM ET: Microsoft has since backtracked on its decision to show a prompt when a person attempts to quit OneDrive. The company shared a statement with The Verge regarding the behavior that was tested:

“Between Nov. 1 and 8, a small subset of consumer OneDrive users were presented with a dialog box when closing the OneDrive sync client, asking for feedback on the reason they chose to close the application. This type of user feedback helps inform our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our products.”

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