Nintendo Minute Video Series to End After Eight Years

After eight years and over 400 episodes, the Nintendo Minute YouTube series has come to an end. In the final episode, show hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang went through a highlight of some of the show’s key moments. Both Kit and Krysta also thanked fans on their personal Twitter accounts.

The final episode highlights a few key moments from the series’ eight-year history. These included an interview with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild director Eiji Aonuma and creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Nintendo of America has also compiled all of the past Nintendo Minute videos into a playlist on YouTube.

Prior to the start of Nintendo Minute, Nintendo similarly hosted the Nintendo Week series via the Nintendo Channel. Nintendo Week ran from 2009 to 2012.

The Nintendo Minute series started in 2013 as an irregular showcase of new Nintendo releases. Show hosts Kit and Krysta, both employees at Nintendo of America, would also go to various trade shows such as E3 and PAX to meet with fans, interview game developers, and cover games. Later on, Nintendo Minute became a weekly video series where the two hosts would also play Nintendo games together.

You can check out the final episode of Nintendo Minute below.

It’s unclear whether there will be a new video series after the end of Nintendo Minute. However, Kit and Krysta state that fans can continue to follow important Nintendo game news and updates via the official social media channels and website.

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