PlayStation Portal Feels Better Than It Looks

A PlayStation Portal handheld displays the start screen.

Photo: PlayStation

There’s no getting around it. The PlayStation Portal, Sony’s new wireless PS5 handheld, is very weird-looking. Essentially a DualSense controller split in half with a touchscreen in the middle, it’s the handheld equivalent of a Hummer turned into a stretch limousine. When I saw the first images of this thing online, my initial thought was someone had drawn this thing on a bar napkin or outgoing PlayStation boss Jim Ryan had lost a bet.

Once I opened the box, which is a little bit smaller than a pair of sneakers, that perception was unchanged. It still looks like someone made a boomerang out of a Kindle. It has the same pleasing-to-the-touch, but grime-magnet texture on the back of each controller arm.

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