Pokemon Go Fans Are Much Happier With This Month’s Community Day

Today, Pokemon Go fans were treated to the first Community Day of 2022, with Spheal appearing in the spotlight. On social media, many fans have been sharing all of the Shiny and three-star Pokemon they were able to obtain during the event, and the overall mood seems to be quite positive! It’s a welcome change from last month’s Community Day, which came as a disappointment for a lot of players. Each Community Day usually centers on one specific Pokemon, but last month’s event instead focused on all of the previous Pokemon from 2021’s Community Days. It was a nice idea, but fans weren’t particularly fond of it.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Niantic kicked things off with such a fun and cute Pokemon! Since debuting in 2001’s Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Spheal has long been a favorite among fans. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Shiny version of Spheal also boasts a great looking purple color scheme. Niantic hasn’t announced February’s Community Day just yet, but hopefully next month’s will be just as well-received!

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There’s even an extra Community Day to look forward to this month!


Sometimes it’s fun no matter what you catch…


Maybe bringing back old Community Day events in December isn’t a bad idea!


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