Spider-Man 2 is Included for Free With This New PS5 Black Friday Bundle

Sony has revealed what could be its final PS5 2020 model bundle as part of its early Black Friday sale across most online retailers. You can currently purchase the new Spider-Man 2 console bundle for $499.99, a noteworthy discount considering Spider-Man 2 launched only last month and typically still costs $70 MSRP.

But, this new bundle hasn’t stopped Sony from kicking off its new ‘slim’ model with a Black Friday deal as well, since you can soon also pick up the new Call of Duty Black Friday bundle for $499.99. This alternate deal will be available from November 10 and includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at no extra cost. For more Black Friday offers, be sure to check out our comprehensive PS5 deal roundup, or follow us @IGNDeals on Twitter/X for plenty more updates.

PS5 Spider-Man 2 Bundle

DualSense Controllers Are Also On Sale: Save Up to $25

In other Black Friday news, DualSense controllers have returned to their sale price of $49.99 (see here), a reasonable $20-$25 discount depending on which color variant you choose. This even includes the shiny new Cobalt Blue and Volcanic Red controllers, alongside other popular $75 picks like Galatic Purple and Grey Camo.

GameStop has also got a great deal on the controllers, dropping them further to $44.99 if you decide to click & collect. This is another great option if you have a store nearby and don’t lose too much on the gas to get there as well.

DualSense Controller - Cobalt Blue

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Cobalt Blue

DualSense Controller - Volcanic Red

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Volcanic Red

DualSense Controller - Galactic Purple

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Galactic Purple

DualSense Controller - Gray Camo

Early Black Friday Deal

DualSense Controller – Gray Camo

Should You Shop Early Black Friday Deals?

The answer to this is always: it depends. Black Friday has become something of a misnomer over the past few years and typically spans the whole of November rather than just the traditional day after Thanksgiving. Deals begin to crop up early these days, and that can leave many of us wondering whether or not these offers are actually worth taking advantage of — or whether it’s best to actually wait until Black Friday itself.

For these PlayStation deals, we highly recommend taking advantage of them right now. Getting a free game like Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 — which are both $70 MSRP — with a new console is no joke, and will likely beat any other others we may see on the PS5 in the coming days. For example, the most significant PS5 deal we’ve seen in 2023 was a $50 discount. While that’s a good offer, it doesn’t quite measure up to the money-saving value offered by these latest bundles.

DualSense controllers are also currently available at their lowest price of $49.99, which has consistently been the discount price since Black Friday last year and also during the PlayStation Days of Play sales in 2023. We highly doubt that these will drop any further. Plus, all of these deals could sell out by the time we get to the tradtional Black Friday sale week (from November 17-27 this year). So, for now, go nuts with these latest PS5 discounts and relish in the fact that you’ve scored a real early Black Friday deal.

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