The RestoMod is a limited-edition retro-looking PC with a fake floppy drive

Origin has made a new, limited edition PC that has the guts of a new model but the face of an ancient 1990s machine, complete with a fake floppy drive. In case you want some nostalgia while you wait for Red Dead Redemption to load, perhaps.

The RestoMod has a custom Corsair 4000D case, and the standard build has 16GB of memory, a 2.9 GHz Core i5 processor, 250GB of storage, and a 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, for $2,080. The RetroMod can be customized as desired, Origin says, but they’ve only made 50 of them, so supplies are limited.

RestoMod: New but with an old look

The front face of the machine is where you’ll get the old-school feel, Origin says:

By using a custom HD UV print on the steel front panel, the RestoMod PC features a custom design inspired by PCs from the 1990s. The buttons and drives are just for looks, but you can always pretend that the Turbo button gives you that extra boost in performance. To complete the look, the RestoMod PC chassis has been painted in a matching beige color to accentuate how cases back in the day preferred simplicity over color.

It’s a little disappointing that the Turbo button isn’t functional somehow, but this PC is all about its image: old and sorta dingy. Of course, for a limited run of only 50 machines it seems like Origin could have sourced some actual retro parts, like old disc drives, rather than what’s essentially a fun, but cosmetic paint job.

If you find the beige faux face of the RetroMod comforting, head over to Origin’s website to configure your new, but old, PC.

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